inspired ingredients

Unique Flavours, The Worlds Finest Suppliers, Customised and Freeze-dried for creative culinary experiences.

When you’re a chef, your time is valuable. And being out of the ordinary, it helps you make your mark.

Inspired Ingredients researches and sources the best and most interesting ingredients from an impressive list of innovative international suppliers.

Choose from a wide range of:

freeze-dried ingredients, vegan cheese, nuts and ancient grains, the latest ‘on trend’ ingredients, cutting-edge food technology

Our product list is always evolving – often on a daily basis. No more wasted time researching and sourcing bespoke suppliers.

INSPIRED INGREDIENTS delivers flavours that are new and different – for tastes your patrons will remember.

Inspired Ingredients has a great range of products available to purchase through our online shop. If you can’t find what you are after send us an email as we might be able to help.


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