GGH Green Yuzu Kosho 200g


This intensely flavoured paste could become your new best friend in the kitchen. Made with three simple ingredients - Yuzu peel, sea salt and green chilli peppers - this condiment has a bright citrus tang with a mild chilli kick. While it is a well-known supermarket ingredient in Japan, our high-end product has an unrivalled freshness and packs a real flavour punch.
Mix it with soy sauce for a fantastic marinade or dipping sauce for meats or fish, add a clean, spicy lift to sashimi, noodles, stir fries, sauces and dressings or brush it on chicken wings or potato chips for a taste sensation.
Milder than its Red Kosho counterpart (also available), it also works beautifully with fruits such as pear and apple. A true must-have ingredient.