GGH Kombu Vinegar 500ml


Located in the north of Japan, Kanesho brewery has specialised in producing miso, shoyu (soy sauce) and its famous Aomori Kombu Vinegar for over a century. Unlike other apple vinegars which use imported apples or apple juice, Kanesho's original brewing method uses ripened apples from Tsugaru, Aomori which are then grated and left to ferment before they are pressed into juice and the transformation from juice into wine and finally vinegar through low temperature fermentation. Aged in oak casks for 150 days, kombu and honey is added and the vinegar is finally ready; preserving the sweet, full-bodied, aromatic flavours of Aomori apples.

The Tsugaru, Aomori region is a favourable apple producing region in Japan due to its low-temperature climate allowing apples to mature slowly.

This product is fairly mild with strong notes of sweetness from the apple and honey as well as some depth created by the umami flavour of kombu. It works well mixed with soy and miso, and is used for marinating onions as well as dressings for salad and seafood.