GGH Yuzu Ponzu by Kamebishi 300ml


Complex, rich and mellow, our Yuzu Ponzu is an all-natural dressing from one of the most famous soy sauce manufacturers in Japan. It all starts with Kamebishi's traditionally made soy sauce, aged for at least three years in cedar barrels. The time-honoured process gives this liquid gold a reduced saltiness and a deeply profound flavour profile similar to balsamic vinegar.
Yuzu and grapefruit juice, rice vinegar, mirin, bonito extract and kombu extract are added to this premium base product to create the perfect sauce for dipping, dressings or vinaigrettes. Its well-rounded mix of salt, tart and savoury elements can also be used to enhance dishes such as stir-fries, dumplings, noodles, tofu, meats and seafood.