Inspired by edible flowers

At Inspired Ingredients, our catalogue extends beyond a curated selection of globally acclaimed brands; we also have a deep appreciation for locally crafted products. We are thrilled to announce our new distributor partnership for Petite Ingredient, an edible flower farm in the picturesque Yarra Valley. Renowned for the highest quality organic edible flowers and leaves, Petite Ingredient caters to the discerning tastes of chefs and home cooks around Australia. We are excited to bring these culinary gems to your table or menu.

Edible blooms are destined to be a hit this summer!

There is an undeniable surge in the popularity of edible flowers, and this summer, they are set to steal the spotlight in restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars and home kitchens alike. Embraced by cooks and chefs, edible flowers have transcended fine dining to find their place on nearly every Melbourne menu, gracing cakes, adding depth and colour to cocktails, and texture to savoury dishes such as pasta and salads.

As the trend continues to blossom (pun intended), it’s clear that edible flowers are a culinary delight and a feast for the eyes, capturing the imagination of gastronomists across social platforms and food media, including Better Homes and Gardens, The Guardian and Elle Decor.

About Petite Ingredient

Petite Ingredient is Australia’s leading cultivator of organic edible flowers and leaves. Their journey began in 2011 and quickly expanded to a sizable commercial greenhouse in the picturesque Yarra Valley in 2013, spanning 5 acres of nutrient-rich red volcanic soil. Petite Ingredient is dedicated to meticulous weed and pest management to safeguard the plants and maintain a pristine and orderly growing environment. They take pride in providing their customers with premium organic edible flowers, handpicked with precision and care to preserve their colour, flavour and texture.

Owner Jocelyn Cross views the kitchen and garden as sanctuaries where creativity and resourcefulness flourish. Her unwavering dedication to the business ensures a continuous supply of flawless, unblemished flowers throughout the year. Petite Ingredient’s offering extends beyond vibrant and flavorful dried flowers to sweet crystallised flowers, delicate floral teas, and petal-infused Jellies.

Email us if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, and we’ll source your desired edible blooms.

Where to buy edible flowers

At Inspired Ingredients, we take immense pride in distributing premium organic edible flowers to our customers. Our partnership with Petite Ingredient reflects our commitment to offering exceptional and diverse culinary ingredients. You can now explore and purchase the range of edible flowers directly on the Inspired Ingredients website and elevate your culinary creations with the finest botanical ingredients.

Dried rose petals, cornflowers and edible confetti are perfect for your summer menu

As summer heats, the Petite Ingredient garden bursts with vibrant herbs and vegetables like Pea and Bean Flowers, Fennel Pollen, Petunia, Pelargonium, and Cornflowers. Elderflower is also in full bloom and ready to be hand-picked for brewing homemade elderflower fizz, decorating pavlova or distilling a highly aromatic gin with floral notes.

At Inspired Ingredients, our proficiency lies in the art of freeze drying, allowing us to provide a diverse selection of freeze dried fruits, vegetables and powders to customers across Australia. We are thrilled to announce a forthcoming collaboration with Petite Ingredient to bring freeze dried rose petals to the market. Leveraging Petite Ingredients’ organic and vibrantly-hued roses, we aspire to offer a premium product that enhances savoury and sweet recipe.

How to use edible flowers

Edible flowers for cakes

Edible flowers are the perfect finishing touch, adding a delightful burst of colour, a touch of elegance and whimsical flair to desserts. From vibrant pansies to delicate violas, incorporating edible flowers into your decorations is a simple yet stunning way to elevate the visual appeal and flavour profile.

Edible flowers for cocktails

Elevate your cocktail game using edible flowers to decorate and infuse. Select blossoms for their visual appeal and subtle flavours to add a sophisticated and botanical twist to your cocktails. From vibrant nasturtiums to fragrant lavender, the infusion of edible flowers not only enhances the aesthetic of your cocktails but also introduces a unique and memorable taste experience.

Edible flowers in fine dining

In fine dining, edible flowers are more than mere garnishes—they’re artistic elements that elevate the culinary experience. Dried flowers maintain vivid colours and rich flavours through careful preservation and can transform dishes into visual masterpieces. Chefs in fine dining establishments use edible flowers like pansies, violets, and marigolds to infuse dishes with a touch of elegance, creating a sensory journey that extends beyond taste, making fine dining an indulgent feast for both the eyes and the palate.

What flowers are edible

Hundreds of edible flowers and leaves exist, including viola, primrose and calendula. However, we strongly advise against using flowers sourced from florists or flower markets for culinary purposes, as they may carry the risk of contamination from potent chemicals like fertilisers or pesticides. Exercise extreme caution if you consider picking wildflowers, as it’s impossible to ascertain the presence of potentially harmful residues on them.