9 reasons why we think Freeze Dried Raspberries are the berry best!

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When asked to pick our favourite summer berry, an all-out berry war ignited in the Inspired Ingredients warehouse. As the red, pink, blush, black and burgundy coloured berries vied for the title, the humble freeze dried raspberry consistently came up trumps and was dubbed the queen of summer berries. Here’s why…

1. They’re berrylicious

Unlike other berries, which can be overpoweringly sweet or tart, raspberries have a balanced, complex flavour profile. They are simultaneously jammy and tart, aromatic and floral, seedy and sour, making them highly versatile in cooking. Their natural flavour intensifies through our freeze drying process, producing a light, airy texture and an unexpected twist for your dish or snack.

2. All the colours of the berry-bow

‘Raspberry’ is the official name of a vivid pinkish-blue-red colour used for paints (take that, strawberry)! However, did you know that the raspberry family boasts more than one tone? Yellow-pink blush raspberries are a sunny twist to the classic, and if you’re in the mood for something darker, try black raspberries (not to be mistaken for blackberries), where deep, velvety tones steal the spotlight.

3. Berry nostalgic

Raspberries have claimed the berry throne for generations of Aussies spending their pocket money on raspberry jam drops at the school fête. Any self-respecting kid in the 80s and 90s will agree that you can forget strawberries and cream lollies; Allen’s Raspberries were the go-to jelly for little hands and big mouths. As adults, raspberries still hold a special place in our hearts, evoking fond early memories of happy times and sugar highs!

4. Berry innovative

Unlike the sugary delights of our youth, Inspired Ingredients’ freeze dried raspberries are a healthier alternative. These 100% natural, sugar-free gems are a treat for all your senses! Whether you opt for our freeze dried whole raspberries, which add a touch of elegance and an airy crunch to your culinary creations, or our freeze-dried raspberry powder, perfect for blending into sauces and marinades or using as a natural colourant, you’re in for a guilt-free, bright and flavourful experience.

Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries

Inspired Ingredients brings specialty foods and professional-grade freeze-drying technology to every kitchen

5. The berry best in the business

Our freeze-dried fruit ‘recipe’ is well-known around Melbourne as the best in the business, and customers know they’re getting a consistent, high-quality product. Our head honcho, Rodd Blutman, is no ordinary leader. He’s a former top chef turned freeze-drying virtuoso and is somewhat of a perfectionist. He is very particular about sourcing the best quality fruit and ensuring the optimal drying arrangement and time to maintain visual appearance, colour, flavour and yield through the freeze-drying process.

6. Berry versatile

Whether you’re a baker, a pastry chef, an ice cream enthusiast, or a mixologist, freeze dried raspberries are an essential, long-life pantry staple and your secret weapon for perfect summer recipes. Sprinkle them over cupcakes, crumble them into muffin batter, or crush them as a show-stopping garnish for desserts. Elevate your ice creams and gelati to new heights, or toss them into your cocktail shaker for a berrylicious twist on a classic Margarita.

7. Savoury berries

It’s not just in sweet dishes that raspberries have the measure of other berries. They go exceptionally well with Game like duck, rabbit and venison with their superior acidity and fragrance. Raspberries pair beautifully with roasted beets, while freeze dried raspberry powder adds a delicate tang when dusted over goat’s cheese or sprinkled over baked camembert with honey.

Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

Inspired Ingredients brings specialty foods and professional-grade freeze-drying technology to every kitchen

8. Berries before botox

Raspberries are naturally high in antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, including manganese and vitamin C, which are essential minerals for healthy, glowing skin. Studies have shown that raspberries help reduce the visible signs of aging by fighting free radicals, which are responsible for breaking down our skin’s collagen, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Our freeze drying process locks in all those vitamins and minerals and will have you bursting with beauty from the inside out.

9. So berry worth it

Raspberries serve as a poetic reminder that what is sweetest in life must often be plucked from what is thorny. Raspberries remind us that the reward is worth the effort.
Inspired Ingredients Freeze Dried Raspberries are a perfect match with chocolate
We’re putting all our berries in one basket and standing by our statement that our freeze dried raspberries are the pick of the bunch. Their exquisite flavour, nutritional benefits, vibrant colours, and unique texture make them a true delight for the senses. Their bold flavour pairs well with sweet and savoury ingredients, making them a favourite among chefs and home cooks, while their bite-sized goodness makes them a perfect, healthy snack. The possibilities are endless, which is why we think raspberries are undoubtedly nature’s tiny treasures, bringing joy and goodness with every bite.

Freeze Dried Fruit Tastings

Summer recipes need to pack a punch. Using freeze dried fruit, whether whole or powdered, is a great way to add bold flavours and vibrant colours without chemicals, preservatives, or sugars.

Inspired Ingredients can host a tasting for wholesale customers of our best-selling freeze dried fruit, including raspberries, strawberries, apples, blood oranges and mandarins, in your kitchen or bar and discuss the different ways you could incorporate them into your recipes.

Our freeze dried raspberries are an all-year-round best-seller at Inspired Ingredients. And for good reason. Let us introduce you to them.

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